"Nations are about to scheme against the Muslims in the same way as greedy eaters vie with one another on the dining-table"

What Price Is Muslim Blood?
Apr 14, 2003

It is often said that Muslim Blood is cheap. The slaughter of Muslims around the globe is so comprehensive and far-reaching, that it is nothing short of a holocaust. Most Muslims killed simply end up as a statistic called “collateral damage”(thus denied even as human beings). Even worse, many don’t even make the list of statistics. Nobody knows, and nobody cares how many Muslims are martyred, how many are injured, widowed, orphaned, or lost their homes and had lives destroyed by oppressors and warmongers. Sadly not even Muslims seem to care.

But to say Muslim blood is cheap is more than an expression, it is factually correct. International law and judges have now put a price on Muslim blood. The result is that Muslim life is the cheapest on the market place. Here are some stunning facts. The families of the 270 victims of the Lockerbie disaster were initially seeking as much as 20 billion dollars in compensation, but Libya settled at 2.7 billion dollars. The Italian families of victims of a United States marine jet some years ago, received two million dollars per victim. The families of victims of the United States attack on the Chinese Embassy in Serbia got $150,000 dollars each. The Bosnian Muslims families of the 7000 men executed in cold blood by the Serbs, in the presence of UN peacekeepers were recently offered some $2 million dollars between them (although not all the families). When the US bombed a wedding party in Afghanistan and killed around 40 civilians, the American Government of Hamid Karzai offered just $100 each in compensation. Now a $100 dollars won’t even buy you a cow at the cattle market!

In the eyes of the “civilised” West, we are worth less than their animals, that is if we are valued at all. The majority of families whose loved ones have been eliminated and whose Nations and their economies have been destroyed are not even considered worthy of compensation from the aggressors. To add insult to injury, the blood of Iraqi victims of the US and British “wolves”, has not yet dried, and they are immorally talking about awarding contracts. The British and Australian governments have openly complaining that they are not getting a fair share of contracts for reconstructing Iraq. These scavengers talk about how and who will run Iraq, without mentioning the Iraqi people, and in the same breath hypocritically tell the world they are liberating Iraq.

Now compare this with how Allah (swt) values Muslim blood. We are told according to Hadiths of the Prophet (saw), the destruction of the Kaaba is not equivalent to the blood of one Muslim. In other words a central aspect of Islam the House of Allah is not valued the same as the loss of one Muslim life. But today Muslims value the House of Allah (swt) more than the life of a Muslim. We can all count the Muslims we know who carry out multiple Hajj’s and throw in a couple of Umrah’s a year for good measure as well! How must the Prophet of Islam be feeling today at the sight of Muslim blood flowing so freely.

The truth of the matter is that we are each to blame for this state of affairs. We encourage our enemies in this mass killing, with our behaviour and our attitude. We witness the murder of Muslims year after year, in country after country, and carry on as normal. Take one example; I hear that Muslims today won’t even consider resigning from British political parties (that we should now consider as terrorist organisations and their leaders as responsible for crimes against humanity). I am even more appalled to learn that Muslims are even allowing politicians of these parties to hold meetings in their communities at Mosques and community centres. Many non-Muslims have even taken such simple actions as resigning from the Party. Compare this behaviour with how Muslims treat each other. If we so much as have a disagreement with a Muslim friend or family member, we break all relations for months and even years. But the message we send to our killers is that, “you can kill our brethren and there will be no change in our behaviour towards you”. We will still be members of your parties, we will still vote for you, we will still canvass for you, you can freely come into our homes, communities and lands. We will sit and dine with you, and even continue to trade and co-operate with you. So is it any wonder they come back to kill more in future knowing that after a few angry outbursts, Muslims will not modify their behaviour. Can you imagine the Prophet Muhammad (saw) if he were alive dealing with such people knowing how much Muslim blood they were shedding?

Right now, you would think that it was appropriate more than ever for Muslims to have an active policy of non-co-operation and trade with the warring nations. Why should their politicians be allowed anywhere near our communities. We live here but whom we let into our communities and homes is a matter for us. Having destroyed Iraq and other parts of the Muslim world, it is humiliating for the Muslim world to then let them benefit from Muslim trade or reconstruct our lands. Why should they get contracts and jobs in Muslim lands? After all, they discriminate openly against Muslims in their lands. What we need right now is a sense of priority. If the price of Muslim Blood is cheap, it is so because we are an Ummah with little dignity or sense of shame, or responsibility for our brethren. We act not out of our duty and responsibility to Allah (swt) and his Ummah, but because we ultimately become humiliated. Like Turkey who refused the US use of their land to attack Iraq, not because of the popular feelings of Muslims, but because of one cartoon in an American newspaper, which portrayed them as a naked prostitute selling herself for $26 billion dollars. The cartoon was right of course they were bargaining dollars in exchange for Muslim blood!

The Muslims of Iraq have shown great dignity in this war to date. They have refused to show happiness when captured. They have shown no joy when aid is given to them, there are even reports emerging that they have refused aid and spat on it choosing to stay hungry. They have courageously taken responsibility for up to three families each, in their homes. I am certain they will not co-operate with the crusaders even if they are occupied. But that leaves all of us with a big question to answer; how much is Muslim blood worth to us?



Untuk memahami dengan lebih dekat lagi sejarah jatuh bangun umat Islam pasca-Khulafa' ArRasyidin,  Dr. Muhammad Sayyid AlWakil telah menukilkan dari khazanah silam untuk tatapan dan renungan kita agar tercetus kesedaran baru umat ini untuk bangun mengulangi kemenangan masa lalu.

Buku Wajah Dunia Islam semestinya dibaca dan dijadikan rujukan utama jika kita berhajat untuk meneropong pahit-getir perjuangan umat terdahulu dari kacamata Islam.  Buku setebal 354 mukasurat ini memuatkan butir-butir sejarah kemenangan dan kekalahan umat Islam di tangan kaum Salib, Tartar dan imperialis moden.

Mungkin dengan membaca buku ini kita dapat menyelami apa sebenarnya muslihat Amerika menakluki Iraq buat kedua kalinya.

Penterjemah: Fadhli Bahri Penerbit: Pustaka Al-Kautsar


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